This is what a flatten spherical panorama looks like that’s ready to be viewed in a panorama viewer. It is made up of many images stitched together. Take a close look at the top and bottom. Notice how it looks out of focus.  Take a look at the left and right sides.  Notice how the left side is a continuation of the right. When viewed in the panorama viewer the ends come together to form a sphere.

You will see how they can be used in Real Estate of both indoor and outdoor.  They are also used in VR (virtual reality) as backgrounds.  Look for a slightly out of focus background next time watching an animation.  

Link to another Panorama Look for the red dots. They will take you to another panorama.
There are 2 indoor and 2 outdoor.   

By using the navigation buttons or by clicking and dragging, it can be viewed from all angles.  It can also be zoomed in and out.


Press F5 should it lock on startup.

Flattened Panorama